How Piano Lessons Encourage Brain Development

Did you know that Mississauga Home Piano Lessons Encourage Brain Development in children?  Did you know that music teaches many thinking, and cognitive skills in children if studied at a young age?  Resent NPR article by Nadwony, “5 Simple Ways To Encourage Brain Development In Your Little One”, discuss several activities a parent can do with their children to encourage brain development.

Manage stress


Grouping music to see patterns

Feely Piano School Mississauga Home Piano Lessons Encourage Brain Development

Following the knowledge of Nadwony, there are many ways which music lessons can provide opportunity to use these daily activities.


Manage Stress

Yehuda in the following research article discusses the way in which music can alleviate stress through:

music listening

Piano learning

music creation

In our lessons we focus on these three areas every lesson, in order to provide a holistic approach to music lessons. It is important to our Mississauga Studio Piano Lesson location (all other locations, too!) that we focus on making music for a purpose.

Our purpose is driven by intentionally setting goals for each lessons, and one of our goals is to use music as a way to manage stress.


We sing in all music lessons.  Even our two year olds.

“When I teach my students I always sing, and it comes naturally to me.  I know that many students regardless of the age will sing with me, and it’s often through singing that they become better at playing piano because they are more thoughtful of the activity”

When we sing at the same time as clapping, reading alphabet letters, or playing piano, it causes the brain to focus more due to the fact that we are combining activities which are difficult.


Grouping music to see patterns

One of the first things piano teachers are taught to teach in piano lessons home, is to first observe the song.

“Before we play piano, let’s observe. What do you see happening in the music score?”


By observing, a piano student can:

  • Group similar patterns of alphabet letter
  • See repeated sections of the music
  • Mentally prepare playing piano before starting to play piano

These observations are called “mindfulness” and is a large part of our curriculum. We teach piano lesson students Mississauga how to think first, and then react.

See our Missisauga piano lessons home page here, or visit our Mississauga Piano Home Lessons teachers page to learn more!

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