The Question:

“How Do I Know My Daughter Is Progressing In Piano? It seems she has only learned 2 songs, and she never wants to practic.”

The Response:

“I had a brief chat with your teacher – it might be good for you to speak with him at lesson as well.  If you have further questions, ask the student too!
Sometimes it is difficult for parents to assess progress. I (Em) understand as a teacher for many years it can seem little progress is done perhaps.  However, this is often with a measurement being on songs being accomplished.
Your teacher has let me know, that he is teaching 2 songs that are aural (most likely the ones you have heard).  He also has been working with an additional song book in lesson, and did recommend a theory book.
He suggested that with more practice, she could become more quick to progress. Your teacher suggested that in lesson she is quite able, but  enthusiasm to practice is lacking. Also, he was noticing that reading music is difficult for her (which is VERY common).  This is why he recommended a theory (music reading and writing book).
I’m understanding as a teacher that I’ve seen many learning styles.  Writing activities for sure stimulates a different part of music lessons. Music is like a language, must be understood how to play, read, write, which is a holistic approach. To only focus on playing lacks the overall approach.

I do suggest this:

Purchase the theory book which will help the student gain confidence reading, and writing. This will translate into her being comfortable learning more songs as she will be able to read the songs easier.
As a parent you can sit in lesson, sit in the room while your teacher is away to encourage her practicing as a “group” activity because often practicing can be isolating.  Try to do this 2-3 times a week for 10 or so minutes.
I have mentioned to your teacher to have more in home performances, where the student can showcase and be rewarded for any work done. Even if the student is not interested, it is good for them to even show something that they are working on to their parents. If you could praise her efforts, this would encourage her more to try to learn new things that are difficult, instead of being discouraged. See our at home performance videos here to have an idea what this could look like!
“How Do I Know My Daughter Is Progressing In Piano?” is a common question, but I hope this helps!

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