Feely Music method books 2019 and why they’re great!

At times kids are bouncy, and they like to move, and a like change. Activity is needing to happen often!  If you have any young children, you know what we are talking about!  It’s really important to set deadlines and goals, and that is our new feature in our Feely Music method books for 2019!

music agendas 2019 feely music

The music teachers of Feely Music share teaching styles, student trends and new ways to teach. We all collaborate to design better learning for students.  Our new 2019 curriculum books are made from our research and wonderful creativity of our teachers.

Method books contain songwriting, and music rhythm, along with alphabet reading lessons.   In addition, English syllable recognition, listening activities, and alphabet activities.  Creative activities include improvisation performance of the piano, and movements for small fingers.  Our method combines movement, language, music and positive goal achievement.  Above all, we use music as a way to develop success.

Our method books are based off of Pat Feely’s recent research which considered the questions most useful for teachers to ask in order to help their students achieve more when practicing.  He found that open ended questions, rating scales, and critical thinking helped students set attainable goals!

To hear more on Pat, listen to our interview here.

What’s in our new Feely Music method book 2019?

We are excited to see all of the goals set, achieved, and celebrated with our students in our agenda books this 2018 year.  See our Feely Music Instagram account for photos! Not only that, but our 2019 agenda book features a new rating scale that will be used by teachers each lesson.
We do know that children in general are bouncy!  They are excited and need a change in focus often. This doesn’t mean that they can grasp goal setting and achievement at this early age. It’s our job as proud teachers to help the students learn. However, don’t take us for our word!  Join us today to see what is in store for your music abilities!
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