In Home Piano lessons Guelph for busy families!

Feely Music has provided in home piano lessons in Guelph Ontario since 2016, and it’s a thriving city for our 3 at home piano lesson teachers. Our teachers are hired based off of their experience teaching, skills in performing, and warm personality. To see our teachers, click here.

To book an in home piano lessons Guelph, you can purchase one of our bundled packages.
Lesson fees are on our Book now page, and start at $23!

Lessons start at $23, taxes included.

Why focus on In home piano lessons Guelph?

At Feely Music we are most focused on bringing piano lessons in your home in order to create an easier family life, for busy mom’s and dad’s.  Above all, this means you add more time into your day.

  • Firstly, by bringing piano lessons to your home, you can add time to your day with your other tasks.

  • Secondly, we provide background checks for all of our piano lesson teachers, saving you time on researching piano schools in Guelph.

  • Thirdly, by providing piano lessons in your home you can watch, enjoy, and observe piano lessons making our music lessons available to mom’s, dad’s, and other siblings in the home.

  • Lessons are booked online, managed by you. Students have the ultimate control.

Where we offer In Home Piano Lessons Guelph

For specific details regarding postal regions served in Guelph, view our tutorial below on how to book a piano lesson.

Click here.

Locations                                      Mississauga              Brantford             Kitchener                Waterloo           Guelph Oakville                     Burlington           Ancaster                    Hamilton  

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