Safety with At Home Piano Lessons

Many parents search “find inhometutors” and have a teacher come to them, but there is more to consider when booking an inhometutor.  When you are booking a service to come to your home, you should ensure that they are of high quality, professionalism, and are safe.

At Feely Piano School, we have many policies in place to make sure your lessons are safe, guarenteed, and are of high quality.

Did you know that our inhometutors are often in the newspaper?

Always confirm reviews of your in home service providers, to make sure they have a good record.  Some services may have poorly rated piano teachers, and teachers who are not able to commit to a stable schedule.  Be careful to ask the right questions when you book a tutor.  Request them to provide their availability on an ongoing weekly basis.

For our recent review in the City of Brantford Tourism blog, click here.

We are proud to have many piano lesson reviews on our Facebook, Google Plus and Website.  Do make sure you see our other press releases!

I think my favorite thing about Feely Piano School (besides not having to leave my home to receive quality education), is the passion and creativity that goes into every lesson. There isn’t a person out there that cares more about their students than Emilee. And she makes it her mission to be sure that her staff feels the same.
An amazing idea executed beautifully.

Brielle, Google Plus Review

Find inhometutor of Quality

Did you know that all Feely Piano School Teachers are required to complete a grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music exam?  It’s important for you to know that your inhometutor is qualified for the job!  In Canada, it is standard for music teachers to have a minimum grade 8 performance level with the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Your teacher should also have grade 3 music theory certificates.

Not sure if your teacher is qualified? Let us help you decide, give us a call at any point when you are considering your inhometutor.

Choose a piano inhometutor who is safety certified.

Background checks are often forgotten and overlooked.  Do ensure you consider who your teacher is before letting them in your home.  Before inviting your tutor to your home, we require teachers to first submit a criminal record check.  Secondly, we require teachers to provide us with 2 professional references.  Finally we ask teachers to complete a questionnaire to assess their personality in stresfull situations.

These steps are important when hiring a piano teacher, we suggest all students consider these!

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