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Dear Students, please note our Feely Music Policies

Our promise to you is to do our best to make your lessons convenient, affordable, creative, and informative. We are thrilled for you to become a part of our experience of in-home lesson providers.

Customer and Student Online account

The customer is responsible to purchase, schedule, and cancel lessons for each student on their online account. The account can be accessed on https://feelymusic.com/ , then ‘log in’. All students taking lessons must have accounts set. To receive a welcome email to set up your account please email manager.feelymusic@gmail.com

Click for video on how to book lessons.

Communication with Feely Music Entities

A teacher’s responsibility is to attend and teach, no more. All inquiries regarding your account can be first be directed to our Youtube account, click here. If you can not find the answer on our Youtube account, further questions can be sent to manager.feelymusic@gmail.com.

Lessons scheduling

All lessons with Feely Music are scheduled within the student’s online account by the student themselves.

Lessons payments

Lessons must be paid at the time of booking.

Missed Lesson /Cancellation

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, the student needs do so 24 hrs before lesson start time in the student’s online schedule. Lessons never expire and can be used at your own convenience on any relative attached to the account. Be aware, the system will not provide the option to cancel a lesson within 24hrs of the start time. Missed lessons/cancelled lessons within 24hrs of start time are charged. If a teacher misses a lesson, email manager.feelymusic@gmail.com with teacher and student name, lesson will be removed from the schedule and back into remaining lessons. We value offering good service, please let us know promptly if this occurs.

Lesson Refunds

If a student would like to be issued a refund for lessons in the “remaining” category, students must complete the “Refund Request Form” found HERE. Refunds can be requested at any time for the refund amount of $20/half an hour lesson, $30/45 minute lesson, and $40/one hour lesson.

Photo Release

I grant to Feely Music its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me and my property. I authorize Feely Music its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.


Your teacher will advise you when a book purchase needs to be made. All lesson books are paid for through your student account, and book purchases under $30 will be automatically paid with your card on file (with a receipt provided to your email). No payment to the teacher at lesson for books is permitted.


Students are responsible to provide their own piano for lessons. Feely Music does offer pianos appropriate for its lessons in the Feely Music online store.

By enrolling with our school, our clients agree to Feely Music Policies.

Feely Music Policies, ‘We like to see you shine!’

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