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Feely Music Policies

As of July 1st, 2020

Dear Students, please note our Feely Music Policies

Our mission is  “Provide enriching, convenient, and affordable music lessons.” In everything we do, we strive to serve you well.

Customer and Student Online account

The customer is responsible to purchase, schedule, and cancel lessons for each student on their online account. The account can be accessed on , then ‘log in’. All students taking lessons must have accounts set. For questions relating to your account, email ( and website chat options are available. We do not provide details about clients account over the phone, for your privacy.

Click for video on how to book lessons.

Communication with Feely Music Entities

A teacher’s responsibility is to attend and teach, and no more.  All inquiries regarding your account can first be directed to our Youtube account, click here. If you can not find the answer on our Youtube account, further questions can be sent to The Feely Music office operates on email and website chat support, by eliminating phone calls from our service we can as a result, make our lessons more affordable to you.

Connecting with your teacher online.

To connect with your teacher online, visit the Schedule tab in your online account, copy your teachers URL link and paste it into your browser.  For a video tutorial, click here.

Lessons scheduling

All lessons with Feely Music are scheduled within the student’s online account by the student themselves, at least 12 hours in advanced.

Lessons payments

Lessons must be paid at the time of booking.

Lack of Care for Safety policy

If a student is ill, they are required to cancel their lesson. If a teacher is ill, they must either cancel their lessons or offer Skype as an alternative. If a student feels the teacher is behaving in a way which is lacking the care for safety, they are able to ask the teacher to leave, and after completing the “lack of care for safety report” and assessment from the office,  the lesson pass may be provided back into their account.  If the teacher feels the student is behaving in a way which is lacking the care for safety, they are able to leave the at home lesson, and after completing the “lack of care for safety report” and assessment from the office, the students account may still be charged for the lesson and the teacher provided payment for their time. To complete the “lack of care for safety” report, click here.

At home music lesson safety procedures

Students are required to provide lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, or allow teachers and students to wash hands pre and post lessons, in the student washroom.  Students must provide a clean chair for the teacher, placed 2 meters away from the piano at all times. Teachers are able to wear whichever protective equipment they choose.

Online Lesson Cancellation Policy

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, the student needs do so 24 hrs before lesson start time in the student’s online schedule. Lessons never expire and can be used at your own convenience on any relative attached to the account. Be aware, the system will not provide the option to cancel a lesson within 24hrs of the start time. Missed lessons/cancelled lessons within 24hrs of start time are charged. If a teacher misses a lesson, email with teacher and student name, lesson will be removed from the schedule and back into remaining lessons. We value offering good service, please let us know promptly if this occurs.

Lesson Refunds

If a student would like to be issued a refund for lessons in the “remaining” category, students must complete the “Refund Request Form” found HERE. Refunds can be requested at any time for the refund amount of $20/half an hour lesson, $30/45 minute lesson, and $40/one hour lesson.  There are no exceptions.

Photo Release

I grant to Feely Music its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me and my property. I authorize Feely Music its assigns and transference to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

Non responsibility disclaimer

Your privacy is very important to us.  Feely Music will not be held responsible for any damages as a result of using our services. The client and service provider assumes all responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for lessons (be it online or offline).


Your teacher will advise you when a book purchase needs to be made. All lesson books are paid for through your student account, and book purchases under $40 will be automatically paid with your card on file (with a receipt provided to your email). No payment to the teacher at lesson for books is permitted.


Students are responsible to provide their own piano for lessons which must be cleaned and rid of illness at all times.



By enrolling with our school, our clients agree to Feely Music Policies.

Feely Music, ‘We like to see you shine!’

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