Feely Piano lesson teacher success feature!

We love to celebrate our Feely piano lesson success of students but teachers as well.

Did you know that we require our piano lesson teachers to have a grade 8 minimum from the Royal Conservatory of Music, a University or College degree in music, and we vet all tutors for safety!

Here is a story to feature our in home piano tutor Emilee, who provides music lessons in Mississauga.

Emilee is an avid performer for both piano, and flute, and below is a summary of her trip on the Via Rail Train as a performer.  Over the years, Em and Pat have performed on the Via Rail Train as musicians on board.
via rail feely

What is it like Performing Music on the Train in Canada?

Can you imagine playing piano on a moving stage?



Here’s the inside scoop to music performing on the Via Rail Train, from the words of Emilee:

  • We perform 3 times a day, in different train cars.

  • Each car brings out a new audience bring their own unique stories about musical pasts.

  • Taking Song requests makes our music exciting.

  • When we are not performing, we are often socializing and eating great meals. We enjoy our time spent watching the scenery go by.

Enroll now with No worries – we guarentee satisfaction or your money back.


As a piano teacher, I look forward to showing my students how to be successful in music. Many of my piano students enjoy seeing me perform, hearing about my journeys. I think my role as a music teacher is to show piano students what they can do with their hard work.  Finding fun ways to music is very rewarding” – Emilee

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