With #BellLetsTalk day coming up, we wanted to show you the importance of music in healing through emotional and physical trauma.

Feely Piano School Performs Music at Hospital

Feely Piano Performs Music at Hospital, bringing a special moment in a Quebec Hospital Bedside Therapy with Piano Song and singing.

Piano music therapy has been proven to encourage communication, memory, and verbal skills through aural singing alongside musical performances. We experienced this first hand this Christmas while on a tour to Quebec.

In home piano lesson tutor Emilee of Feely Piano School performed in Quebec at the Hospital Bedside Therapy with Piano Song and singing.

When Feely Piano Performs Music at Hospital these amazing things happened:

  • The audience member was able to eat 3 meals in one day, after several days of lacking motivation to eat

  • Family witnessed the individual singing songs with the piano music therapy including Alphabet and Old MacDonald piano

  • This member of the hospital was able to return home after 2 weeks in the hospital. He spent Christmas with his mother.

How to play piano to encourage singing at the hospital.

Observe singing of the audience member and watch for responses to your piano songs

  • Leave moments of silence where they sing on their own.

  • Singers can control their melodies and the piano song.

  • Ask the family which songs they may remember from childhood.


“That is a very special moment to give someone through music.  I’m happy that Feely Piano Performs Music at Hospital.”


Learn how to play the piano.

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#BellLetsTalk day is January 30th, an opportunity to spread stories of ourselves through mental health. Feely Piano School supports Mental Health awareness and healing through stories shared online.
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