Meet your Coquitlam in home piano class teacher Tiffany

While it is true that some students want to learn for skill development, some want to learn to play exams.  Piano is also a great skill to develop focus, concentration and creativity. Our Coquitlam in home piano class teacher Tiffany teaches piano students at home.  Lesson are available to beginners ages 3+, and all levels.  Music class are organized and goal oriented, which makes learning specific to your interests. All ages of students are encouraged to learn, adults too!

coquitlam piano teacher

Will my at home piano teacher encourage me to play exams?

What a great question! All of our at home piano teachers are trained to teach with an approach that is student first.  This means, that the type of learning will be based off of how the student learns and what goals they have.  At home piano teachers come in all shapes and sizes, just like students!  Not all children learn best at a chalkboard with a teacher.

Coquitlam in home piano class teacher Anastasiia and Tiffany teach versatile, based on your needs.

What  books do at our home piano teachers often use?

Teachers use a variety of books, because not every student learns in the same style.  Students pay through their profile with Feely Music for books in order to alleviate cash payments at lesson. Most often, teachers begin with Piano Adventure curriculum books, but do advance on to RCM for students interested in exams.  Coquitlam in home piano class teacher Tiffany is knowledgeable to teach ages 3 to adults.  She is familiar with helping students achieve various goals from RCM exams to learning their favorite song.

To learn about the Feely Music agenda book, click here. Our agenda book is available between all teachers, and is the place where homework and goals are defined.  Setting goals on a weekly basis is essential in motivation and improvement in lessons.

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