Brain Research Piano Lessons

Sometimes it is hard for students to see all of the benefits of  practice.  It’s challenging for parents, teachers, and students to find motivation.  Our piano teachers we are always looking for ways to create motivation through Brain Research with Piano Lessons.

Feely Piano School teachers are always using new research to make our teaching better, and we stumped on this Brain Research Video for Piano Lessons.  This video shows:

  • visually interesting with characters
  • easy to understand facts
  • helps piano lesson students have motivation through understanding

Watch this talk, see what we are speaking about!

Brain Research Video for Piano Lessons

If you take a moment and describe piano lesson student all of the tasks involved with playing the piano, there’s a lot happening at once!

  1. Fine motor skills – don’t forget that your fingers and brain are speaking to each other when you play those keys!
  2. Reading – when you read the music alphabet you are reading, moving and hearing all at the same time.
  3. Time – When you play piano you are moving time with rhythm.  How many other ways can you think of that you can practice manipulating time, through sound?
  4. Diverse Brain Connections – Feely Piano teachers encourage students to think about music with many combinations – alphabet letters plus movement, singing while clapping, singing while playing, writing poems, all of these combined actions make for more brain connections.

What to do now that you know this!

Join our studio, don’t wait!  See how in this Youtube Feely Piano Video we show an advanced student sees patterns in the music.

Check out our blog post here on our Feely Piano Lesson Successes.

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