how to find a good piano teacher

Keyboards – The inside scoop on what to purchase

We often have questions like “Do I need a keyboard to begin?” or “What does weighted key mean?” or “Where can I purchase a keyboard?”  The video I created to the right can help you understand these questions and more.

Please take time to watch the video- there’s a lot of different options and we want to help you choose what is best for you!

Flashback to our 2018 Agendas

Student agendas focus on success, custom goal setting on a weekly basis, and celebration once a month with an in home performance. Check out what to expect in the 2018 Agenda book here.

Curriculum books used in lessons

Because learning is custom, we do not enforce any particular learning style on our students. Some students want to learn RCM Exams, so be it! Your teacher can teach that.  Songwriting and playing by ear interests other students, we teach that as well! Perhaps you want to learn how to develop some skills through music.  That is great, your teacher can focus on that as well!

Emilee, the owner, has trained over 40 teachers and taught 200 students. Em is always happy to help provide teachers with more resources to teach better. Additionally, our 40 teachers all collaborate online to share knowledge and music lesson teaching tips.  You are in good hands!

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