What are the Benefits to Summer Music Class?

Often, music class students take the summer off of their music learning.  While it is understandable as families want a break to commitments, it is not the most beneficial for the student or for your finance! Are you wondering why?

Typically, music class students who take the summer off spend 2-3 weeks at a minimum reviewing basic music learning when they begin again in September.  This is a lot of money, and time wasted don’t you think?

It would make much more sense to continue learning in the summer, forward your progression, and save the money and time that it takes to relearn material lost during summer holidays.

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In the Summer Class Lessons, I always change routine by taking my students outside to learn music theory.  -Melissa, Feely Piano Teacher

What our teachers, and research suggest

Research on the outcomes of summer learning stopping is outlined here.  In the study researchers in America learn from students who stop classes in the summer.

Our at home music class teachers suggest that students take lessons in the summer.  Students can benefit to have occasional weeks off.  While keeping summer lessons flexible, it is most optimal to remember to study music often.  Like a language, music must be practiced and spoken to keep students engaged and remembering.

Much of music class and instrument performance is a result of muscle memory. Music learning is similar to a sport – if you stop working out your muscles may not grow as fast.  They may not remember routine.  Don’t stop your lessons as this may happen to your music progression and learning.

The students in my classes who progress the most, are the ones who learn all year round.  – Ash, Mississauga piano Feely teacher

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