piano lesson teachers guelph


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  • Cutting, Gluing, and Pasting musical lessons to develop fine motor skills
  • Journal activities to open music listening
  • Motivational quotes to inspire the purpose of studying music
  • Spatial development activities with music note positioning
  • Improvisation of rhythm and songwriting
  • Memorization activities through music hearing and aural training
  • Critical thinking analysis with word description puzzles
  • Mathematical learning through music rhythm

Focus on Skills

  • Learn to critically think
  • Listening and attention skills
  • Improve your focus


  • Students are fully engaged
  • Parents see personal development
  • Teaching is structured


  • Thoughtful questions
  • Inquisitive reasoning
  • Self directed teaching style
piano lesson teachers guelph


$10, your teacher will apply the book to your account


Teacher will bring it to your next lesson. The book has 52 pages and will be good for the whole year of lessons!


You don’t have to go fetch books, either!

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