Affordable Piano Lessons in Ancaster, $20.99 lessons in August 2019.

Did you know that Feely Music is making new Affordable Piano Lessons in Ancaster?

We offer bundled packaging, so that paying for piano lessons can be more comfortable for you!  Check out our piano lesson prices here.

As a social enterprise, Feely Music is proud to provide affordable piano lessons in all of our at home piano lesson locations.  Not only do we offer free lessons once a month but our general cost is affordable  for piano lessons, check them out!

Why do we have such Affordable Piano Lessons in Ancaster?

It’s simple, our piano classes are affordable because we do not have to pay for a building! Our at your home piano lesson solution is innovative, saves time and money too!  Most of our competitors charge through the roof to have in home services for piano lessons.  However, as a business model, this high cost is not needed and is how we distinguish ourselves as a social enterprise.

Locations                                      Mississauga              Brantford             Kitchener                Waterloo           Guelph Oakville                     Burlington           Ancaster                    Hamilton  

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