Intentional Design

Our curriculum books focus on developing skills through music. Emilee, the author, has a fascination with the design and physical appearance of happiness.  All books use animated character, curvy shapes, and positive affirmations to keep students engaged and positive in their goals.

Fun Games To Develop Skills

Coordination, reading, writing skills are taught through engaging fun activities and games.  Our books incorporate reading, writing, and language, for a specialized ECE course for under 5.

Our books are not mandatory, lessons are dependent on the interest of the student. 

Our books are able to be picked up by Feely Music teachers at any Staples throughout Canada, and are purchased through your client account!

Locations                                      Mississauga              Brantford             Kitchener                Waterloo           Guelph Oakville                     Burlington           Ancaster                    Hamilton  

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