3 Tips for Teaching A First Piano Lesson

Our Feely Piano at home piano lesson teachers often share Tips for Teaching Piano Lessons!  We believe in building a strong community of quality music teachers, and parents too!

Here is a guide/outline for first lessons. Generally theses re nice ways to meet students and then also teach them things without previous knowledge of who they are.

toys with piano lessons

Tips for Teaching Piano #1

Take time to introduce yourself. Piano teacher first lesson ice breakers include:

What’s your name?

How was your day?

Tell me something that made you smile today?

During lessons, piano lesson students and piano lesson teachers share an important relationship. It’s always good to establish a connection and we’ve noticed “tell me something new” or “tell me something good that happened to you today” is a great way to create dialogue.

Tips for Teaching Piano #2

Introduction to the piano

Introduce them to the piano. A lot of this involves observing what may seem obvious but is not, including:

  1. Difference between black and white keys on the piano– having piano lesson students observe the difference is important, as sometimes they do not even notice the difference!  Also, it is good to explain how black keys are at a higher level in order to fit better to the different lengths of our fingers!
  2. Speaking of fingers, it’s good to observe the fingers and how they are different lengths! You can make point that some fingers are longer than others, and that affects the strength of the fingers! Some fingers are stronger than others and we focus on strength development in piano!
  3. Observe the 3-2 black key pattern and have the student play AND count the different amounts/sets of black keys. This is also a good time to introduce the concept of high and low sounds– you can even play a song in the low/high ends and ask them to think of an animal that would be related to that area of the piano (creative thinking)
  4. Observe the different rhythms/instruments provided if they have a keyboard. This is a fun way to become engaged with the instrument in a creative way.

Tips for Teaching Piano #3

Perform for your piano lesson students

Showing your students how you perform can inspire them from day one.  Play anything in your first piano lesson, preferably something from an easy lesson book-have them think creatively by asking what it reminded them of or if they can associate it with an animal. 



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