10 Ways To Remember To Practice Piano from Feely Piano Teachers

Yes, it is important to practice piano outside of your lesson time! Most students however, forget this and then do not practice.  When we think of practicing, our teachers encourage students to think of the word “play” instead of “practice”.

Music should be fun, enjoyed, and these are our top 10 tips to help you remember to practice!

10.  Buy musical stickers for your binders, and home

Stickers can add a fun, visual reminder to students to remember to play piano. You can put your stickers on your binders, mirrors, we’ve even seen them on fridges! Any time a student sees reminders to play, the more likely they are to practice.


9.  Follow a musical celebrity you enjoy online

Following a musical celebrity can lead to inspiration, and motivation.  Our recommended platforms are Twitter or Instagram, but some people like Youtube too!

8.  Play along with songs on your radio.

We encourage families to have music on in their house holds.  Often when music on the radio or speakers are played, it engages people to sing and play along. Try playing along with the song coming from the speakers!


7.  Leave your music books open and ready on the piano.

When the books are closed, it can be uninviting. When books are open practicing seems natural, inviting, and most students who leave books open on their piano find that they walk to the piano more often to play.

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6.  Set up a reminder on your phone

Reminders can be annoying, but useful too! Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and try to play piano the entire time.  Keeping a sense of time will help you have a sense of time management when practicing.

5.  Place your instrument in an open space within the home that has a lot of bright light!

Bright spaces are proven to be more inviting, and social. Place your instrument in a room that is well lit, open for people to walk through, and is somewhere comfortable. You do not want to be cold when you are practicing.

4.  Have your parents with you when you play.

When parents engage with lesson play, students find it is a more enjoyable activity. Social activity around the piano gives purpose, meaning and opportunity for family members to connect through music. It is very rewarding for the students to have their parents present when practicing.

3.  Put your weekly schedule on the fridge.

The more that you see your routine, the more likely you are to continue with your practice!

2.  Choose a meaningful reward after practice.

Some students enjoy treats, desserts, or time with games after practice. Find what motivates you, and be diligent to reward yourself! You will find that it can encourage diligence in practice even when you don’t feel like practicing!

 1.  Create an after school routine for practice.

All of the Feely Piano School teachers agree that students who practice immediately after arriving home, are the students who progress the most.  Students enjoy dropping their bags, and “getting practicing out of the way”.  This can allow them to go onto their night, and be happy that they completed the task early on!

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Keep up the awesome work, students! – Feely Piano School teachers

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