$20.99 August 2019 special for 16 weeks when you book online!

Purchase lessons in August 2019 as a first time student, withLet Emilee The Teacher Trainer Choose Your Teacher”  *Teacher specifics released last week of August” package online. 

special offer is awesome for parents who want an expert adviser to match their child with the correct teacher.  This is also an awesome option because we guarantee your booking time, taking out scheduling coordination nightmares!

 Your lessons include 16 lessons, taxes, and after your 16 passes are finished you can choose any of the below packages to continue with! See pricing details for longer lesson package specials. 

30 Minutes


$30, 1 lesson

$26, 4 lessons

$25, 8 lessons

$24, 12 lessons

$23, 16 lessons (save $112)

45 Minutes


$40, 1 lesson

$38, 4 lessons

$37, 8 lessons

$36, 12 lessons

$35, 16 lessons (save $100)

60 Minutes


$55, 1 lesson

$52, 4 lessons

$50, 8 lessons

$48, 12 lessons

$46, 16 lessons (save $144)

Our Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee After First Lesson

No Cancellation Fees

Taxes, Enrollment & Mileage

Learning Videos And Worksheets


*$15 agenda not included.  Books are $10-15 and are purchased with through your teacher.

We hire great piano teachers.

Piano teachers teach RCM Examination preparations, learning for your own goals, music theory and language training, and ECE and music learning.

We have 4 interview phases for choosing teachers including personality assessment, teaching abilities assessment, and motivation for teaching assessment.

Watch the video to the left speak on PIANOTV to help you gain more about our good hiring practices.

All teacher training and curriculum of Feely Music is directed by lead teacher trainer Emilee Feely. Emilee is a graduate of the University of Toronto Music degree and studied with piano pedagogy expert Midori Koga. Em has taught over 400 students.

This is what your musical home could look like.

To learn more about our in home performances click here.

Locations                                      Mississauga              Brantford             Kitchener                Waterloo           Guelph Oakville                     Burlington           Ancaster                    Hamilton  

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